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Social Distance Market App

Maintain Social Distance while shopping your daily needs using Social Distance Market App by NULLERRORS
Chat with the shopkeepers before you reach the shop and reduce the time spent outside.
Suggest your shopkeepers about this app to benefit you and the people near you.

Social Distance Market App is mainly designed for the current covid 19 situation. People are advised to stay in their homes and are requested to come to streets only to buy essential ingredients. So we cannot totally avoid people gathering in front of shops but can still take steps to help people maintain social distance.

Shopping malls are closed and People are asked to wait outside the shops and only the shopkeepers are allowed to enter the shops to pick up and distribute the things to the customers. But entering and leaving the shop for each customer after asking their orders will increase the work time for shopkeepers as well as the waiting time for the customers. Also there are possibilities that the shop may not have the things that the customer was looking for. Waiting in a long queue and getting the result as out of stock will lead to frustration.

So to rectify these problems both shopkeepers and the customers are advised to install Social Distance Market app and to chat with each other on reaching the shops. Also try to order for those who don't have mobile phones with them. This Covid App is to reduce the time for all and not for the App users alone.

Let's try to reduce the time we spend outside as much as possible. Social distancing is the most effective way to fight against corona. Together we shall fight against corona separately.


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